[Openstack-operators] Public Cloud WG PTG Summary

Zhipeng Huang zhipengh512 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 02:22:48 UTC 2018

Hi team,

Sorry for this long overdue summary. During the Dublin PTG as a WG we held
two successful discussion sessions on Mon and Tues, and below are the
conclusions for this year's planning as far as I could recall. Please feel
free to provide further feedback :)

   - Passport Program v2
      - We want to push forward the passport program into the v2 stage this
      year, including QR code promotion, more member clouds (APAC and North
      America) and possibly a blockchain experiment (cloud ledger proposal [0])
      targeting Berlin Summit if the testnet proves to be successful.
      - We will be also looking into the possibility of having OpenLab as a
      special member of Passport Program to help ease some of the
difficulties of
      purely business facing or academic clouds to join the initiative.
   -  Public Cloud Feature List
   - We will look at a more formal draft of the feature list [1] ready for
      Vancouver and gather some additional requirement at Vancouver
summit. It is
      also possible for us to do a white paper based upon the feature list
      content this year, to help user and operators alike better understanding
      what OpenStack public cloud could offer.
   - Public Cloud SDK Certification
      - Chris Hoge, Dims and Melvin have been helping putting up a testing
      plan for public cloud sdk certification based upon the initial
work OpenLab
      team has achieved. Public Cloud WG will provide a interop-like guideline
      based upon the testing mechanism.
   - Public Cloud Meetup
      - We look forward to have more :)



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