[Openstack-operators] [HELP REQUESTED] First deployment of OpenStack in existing enterprise network

Ross Schulman ross at opentechinstitute.org
Wed Apr 4 14:31:38 UTC 2018

Hello deployers from a rank newbie.
My organization wants to try building an OpenStack deployment on premises
partly to move our existing ad hoc container services into a more
controllable and uniform system and partly to provide a test environment
for working with a few other organizations on cloud infrastructure

For right now I have one server that's not being used anymore to play with.
My plan is to get an OpenStack environment running on that server, move
over some containers so I can reimage another server as a node, rinse and
repeat. That first stage will eventually end up with 4 servers in the
OpenStack deployment. We may expand further going forward.

I've decided to use OpenStack Ansible to run the deployment.

In our server room we have an edge router that runs NAT and DHCP for the
whole office and routes specific external IPs and ports to internal servers
as necessary. The router also serves all of the lan drops, wifi points, and
phones in the office. I've claimed four VLANs, and a external subnet of

Where I'm getting confused is how to integrate the OS server into the rest
of the network. The server I'm using is attached to a switch along with a
few other servers that is patched directly into our router. My specific
stumbling block right now is what IP to tell the br-mgmt network to use as
a gateway (Here:
I'm not sure if that's supposed to be a hardware router or something
neutron is going to take care of later.

More generally speaking, any wise words about deploying in such an
environment would also be welcome.

Thanks very much in advance if you made it this far,

Ross Schulman
Senior Counsel, Senior Policy Technologist, New America's Open Technology
ross at opentechinstitute.org

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