[Openstack-operators] Instances not getting DHCP Lease

Divneet Singh divneetsingh.ml at gmail.com
Sun Sep 3 08:46:21 UTC 2017

>At any rate, I'm not sure what nat 2 nat networks are in virtual box,
>but I'm going to guess that you have a problem in your virtual box
>networking setup. You'll have to investigate those networks and make
>sure they are setup in a way that will work with your openstack
>deployment. If you are just trying out openstack, perhaps a single
>node devstack install would be a good place to start and then move to
>more advanced deployments from there?

This just hit me last night , setting up a vlan/vxlan on top of a nat
network isn't the way to go . I'm just going scrap this & start from
scratch on physical machines .

Thanks !
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