[Openstack-operators] [ironic][nova][libvirt] Adding ironic to already-existing kvm deployment

Chris Apsey bitskrieg at bitskrieg.net
Wed Oct 18 17:37:42 UTC 2017


I'm working to add baremetal provisioning to an already-existing libvirt 
(kvm) deployment.  I was under the impression that our 
currently-existing endpoints that already run 
nova-conductor/nova-scheduler/etc. can be modified to support both kvm 
and ironic, but after looking at the ironic installation guide 
this doesn't appear to be the case.  Changes are made in the [default] 
section that you obviously wouldn't want to apply to your virtual 

Given that information, it would appear that ironic requires that you 
create an additional host to run nova-compute separately from your 
already-existing compute nodes purely for the purpose of managing the 
ironic-nova integration, which makes sense.  However, the ironic 
documentation at 
states that:

"The following configuration file must be modified on the Compute 
service’s controller nodes and compute nodes"

right before it lays out the minimum config requirements for nova <-> 
ironic integration, which suggests additional service requirements 
beyond just an extra nova-compute.  Do we also need to run separate 
instances of nova-scheduler, etc. as well?  I can't seem to find any 
documentation that speaks to this.  The current ironic documentation 
seems to focus on a baremetal-only deployment scenario.

Currently running Pike.

Thanks in advance,


Chris Apsey
bitskrieg at bitskrieg.net

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