[Openstack-operators] Call for collaboration: "Supporting General Federation for Large-Scale Collaborations" & "3rd Open Research Cloud Congress"

Martial Michel martialmichel at datamachines.io
Wed Oct 18 03:56:35 UTC 2017

Topics: Federation, Identity, Security, Networking, Data Management

Good Day,

I wanted to bring to our community working on Federation, Identity,
Security, Networking, or Data Management, a couple of collaborations
happening during the November Summit.

"Supporting General Federation for Large-Scale Collaborations", discusses
general federations across multiple administrative domains and would
facilitate a wide variety of collaborations, including areas as diverse as
international "big science" efforts, international disaster response, and
supply chain management, just to name a few.


These types of federated clouds, or inter-clouds, are being pursued by the
NIST/IEEE Joint WG on Federated Cloud:

and the Open Research Cloud organization:

The ORC's goal is to support international science collaborations.  The
NIST goal is to "define" federation, build a conceptual model, map-out
federation deployment models, and identify needed areas of
federation-specific standardization.  The IEEE goal is to push these
federation standards through the standardization process.

The "3rd Open Research CloudCongress" is set to take place Nov 8 and Nov 9
as part of the Summit. We are looking forward to the Sydney Congress and
making further progress on the development of the ORC and the ORC
Declaration. Our thanks to NeCTAR and the OpenStack Foundation for
sponsoring and hosting this meeting in Sydney.


-- Martial Michel
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