[Openstack-operators] [puppet] Where to start ?

Tobias Urdin tobias.urdin at crystone.com
Thu Oct 5 12:59:33 UTC 2017

Hello Ulrich,

My personal opinion would be that you should not use Puppet for such orchestration like creating resources,but it is possible with puppets node implementations!

I think what you are looking for is something like this: https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppetlabs-node_openstack

It might not be up-to-date. I think you however should look into a more linear orchestration tool instead such as Ansible instead of Puppet's "take me to this state"-like thinking but that's just my opinion.

Or any other tool for that matter, Terraform, vagrant or whatever depending on your requirements.

Best regards

On 10/05/2017 12:04 PM, Ulrich.Herbst at t-systems.com<mailto:Ulrich.Herbst at t-systems.com> wrote:
Hi all,

sorry for asking unprecise questions.

My question is not how to run puppet on any existing VM, but: How to provision /deploy/create (Not sure about the right word) a new VM with puppet (instead of eg. clicking into the openstack GUI)


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Running puppet on openstack instances is no different than running puppet on bare metal, or elsewhere.
I would say it's kind of outside the scope of this list, which his more about the openstack infrastructure itself - although someone else may chime in and help you :)


On 5 October 2017 at 08:30, <Ulrich.Herbst at t-systems.com<mailto:Ulrich.Herbst at t-systems.com>> wrote:
Dear list,

I'm new on an (existing) OpenStack "cloud" and have to deploy some VMs there.

I'm experienced with puppet and want to use that to automatically deploy VMs (and install software there).

I know about https://docs.openstack.org/puppet-openstack-guide/latest/ - but don't see a point where to start.

Do you have any pointers, links, tutorials, documentation for me where/how to start ?

I'm not interested in deploying the OpenStack infrastructure itself.

Thank you

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