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Tim Bell Tim.Bell at cern.ch
Wed Oct 4 14:34:41 UTC 2017


All the best for the future. I will happily share a beverage or two in Sydney, reflect on the early days and toast the growth of the community that you have been a major contributor to.


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From: Tom Fifield <tom at openstack.org>
Date: Wednesday, 4 October 2017 at 16:25
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    Hi all,
    Tom here, on a personal note.
    It's quite fitting that this November our summit is in Australia :)
    I'm hoping to see you there because after being part of 15 releases, and 
    travelling the equivalent of a couple of round trips to the moon to 
    witness OpenStack grow around the world, the timing is right for me to 
    step down as your Community Manager.
    We've had an incredible journey together, culminating in the healthy 
    community we have today. Across more than 160 countries, users and 
    developers collaborate to make clouds better for the work that matters. 
    The diversity of use is staggering, and the scale of resources being run 
    is quite significant. We did that :)
    Behind the scenes, I've spent the past couple of months preparing to 
    transition various tasks to other members of the Foundation staff. If 
    you see a new name behind an openstack.org email address, please give 
    them due attention and care - they're all great people. I'll be around 
    through to year end to shepherd the process, so please ping me if you 
    are worried about anything.
    Always remember, you are what makes OpenStack. OpenStack changes and 
    thrives based on how you feel and what work you do. It's been a 
    privilege to share the journey with you.
    So, my plan? After a decade of diligent effort in organisations 
    euphemistically described as "minimally-staffed", I'm looking forward to 
    taking a decent holiday. Though, if you have a challenge interesting 
    enough to wrest someone from a tropical beach or a misty mountain top ... ;)
    There are a lot of you out there to whom I remain indebted. Stay in 
    touch to make sure your owed drinks make it to you!
    +886 988 33 1200
    tom at tomfifield.net
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