[Openstack-operators] Newton consoleauth HA tokens

Chris Apsey bitskrieg at bitskrieg.net
Wed Jan 25 01:21:10 UTC 2017


Here is my pertinent config data:

memcached_servers =

enablde = True      <<<============================ I just noticed this 
as I copied into the email.
memcache_servers =
backend = oslo_cache.memcache_pool

memcached_servers =

See above - I just noticed my config typo as I was getting ready to send 
this.  Changing it to 'enabled' seems to have solved the issue.  
Spelling counts.  This is a working config for anyone else who runs into 
the same problems.  Be sure to specify the backend under [cache], as the 
default is null.

Thanks for the assist!



Chris Apsey
bitskrieg at bitskrieg.net

On 2017-01-24 11:36, Saverio Proto wrote:
> Did you try to restart memcached after chaning the configuration to HA 
> ?
> there are two sections where you can configure, memcached_servers
>  [keystone_authtoken]
> how your config looks like ?
> Saverio
> 2017-01-24 6:48 GMT+01:00 Chris Apsey <bitskrieg at bitskrieg.net>:
>> All,
>> I attempted to deploy the nova service in HA, but when users attempt 
>> to
>> connect via the console, it doesn't work about 30% of the time and 
>> they get
>> the 1006 error.  The nova-consoleauth service is reporting their token 
>> as
>> invalid.  I am running memcached, and have tried referencing it using 
>> both
>> the legacy memcached_servers directive and in the new [cache] 
>> configuration
>> section.  No dice.  If I disable the nova-consoleauth service on one 
>> of the
>> nodes, everything works fine.  I see lots of bug reports floating 
>> around
>> about this, but I can't quite get the solutions I have found reliably
>> working.  I'm on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS+Newton from UCA.
>> Ideas?
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>> v/r
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