[Openstack-operators] allowed_address_pairs for port in neutron

Dale Smith dale at catalyst-eu.net
Mon Jan 23 11:00:44 UTC 2017

Hi George,

It would be worth checking to see if that extension is available in your

$ openstack extension list --network -c Name -c Alias
| Name | Alias |
... | Allowed Address Pairs                         | allowed-address-pairs |

We've documented a full working example here, which may be useful, but I
can't see anything incorrect with your request.
(see further down under 'Virtual Address Setup' for CLI command
examples) cheers, Dale
On 23/01/17 10:41, George Shuklin wrote:
> Hello. I'm trying to allow more than one IP on interface for tenant,
> but neutron (Mitaka) rejects my requests: $ neutron port-update
> b59bc3bb-7d34-4fbb-8e55-a9f1c5c88411 --allowed-address-pairs type=dict
> list=true ip_address= Unrecognized attribute(s)
> 'allowed_address_pairs' Neutron server returns request_ids:
> ['req-9168f1f4-6e78-42fb-8521-c69b1cfd4f67'] Is someone done this? Can
> you show your commands to neutron and name version you are using?
> Thanks. _______________________________________________
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