[Openstack-operators] [Fault Genes] WG Weekly Meeting

Nematollah Bidokhti Nematollah.Bidokhti at huawei.com
Fri Jan 13 18:00:09 UTC 2017

Hi All,

Following are the meeting summaries:

*       We had a good participation
*       We have a new member (solution architect) from University of Alabama
*       Nemat presented the team machine learning approach to analyze the data and focused on data pre-processing
*       Team agreed that our initial focus will be on defining and analyzing the fault classifications
*       Isaac presented the activities that Intel & Rackspace are performing regarding the OpenStack resiliency and HA
*       Nemat presented the draft of OpenStack Fault Management Blueprint white paper & team provided some feedback.
o       The plan is to have internal reviews first and then send it to a larger audience
o       Also adding additional use cases

Action Items:

*       Michael will obtain & combine the latest set of data from Launchpad, stack overflow and provide them to the team for analysis
*       Zainab, Suli & Michael will perform the 1st part of the data pre-processing for the next meeting.
o       The activity is to come up with word frequency of use from the raw data
o       This is the 1st step for us to start the machine learning data modeling which will help us to create the dictionary
*       Isaac will provide all the data and links to the Intel/Rackspace fault insertion testing data
*       Nemat submit an abstract for OpenStack summit in Boston regarding the OpenStack fault management blueprint


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