[Openstack-operators] Problems chaning access list for flavors using the dashboard

Massimo Sgaravatto massimo.sgaravatto at gmail.com
Tue Dec 19 12:29:46 UTC 2017

Dear Operators

I have a Mitaka openstack installation and in such deployment I am able to
modify the access list of flavors using the dashboard without problems. I
am even able to modify a public flavor to a private one (specifying, using
the dashboard, the list of projects allowed to use the flavor).
After this operation I see that the flavor-id ichanged: I think this is
because the dashboard, at least in that version of OpenStack, basically
"simulates" the ability to modify a flavor by deleting an existing flavor
and creating a new one with the same name.

I have an other openstack installation where I have just performed the
update from Mitaka to Ocata (going through Newton just for the db

In this Ocata installation I have problems changing the flavor access list
using the dashboard. Basically what I noticed is that:

1) Adding a new project to a private flavor using the dashboard sometimes
works, sometimes doesn't work. In the latter case the error message I see
in the horizon log file is something like:

Recoverable error: Flavor access already exists for flavor 25 and project
47e60c9b8dd9426997c2406df45a06f7 combination. (HTTP 409) (Request-ID:

But the specified project isn't the one I tried to add !

Is this a known issue ? Otherwise there is probably something wrong in my
installation ...

2) When the addition of a project to a private flavor works, the flavor id
didn't change. Is this expected ?

3) Modification of a public flavor to a private one using the dashboard
never works. Is this expected ?

4) No problems adding/removing projects to a private flavor using the CLI

Thanks for your help

Cheers, Massimo
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