[Openstack-operators] thierry's longer dev cycle proposal

Melvin Hillsman mrhillsman at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 23:28:42 UTC 2017

I think this is a good opportunity to allow some stress relief to the developer community and offer space for more discussions with operators where some operators do not feel like they are bothering/bugging developers. I believe this is the main gain for operators; my personal opinion. In general I think the opportunity costs/gains are worth it for this and it is the responsibility of the community to make the change be useful as you mentioned in your original thread Thierry. It is not a silver bullet for all of the issues folks have with the way things are done but I believe that if it does not hurt things and offers even a slight gain in some area it makes sense.

Any change is not going to satisfy/dis-satisfy 100% of the constituents.

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On 12/13/17, 4:39 PM, "Jeremy Stanley" <fungi at yuggoth.org> wrote:

    On 2017-12-13 22:35:41 +0100 (+0100), Thierry Carrez wrote:
    > It's not really fait accompli, it's just a proposal up for discussion at
    > this stage. Which is the reason why I started the thread on -dev -- to
    > check the sanity of the change from a dev perspective first. If it makes
    > things harder and not simpler on that side, I don't expect the TC to
    > proceed.
    With my TC hat on, regardless of what impression the developer
    community has on this, I plan to take subsequent operator and
    end-user/app-dev feedback into account as well before making any
    binding decisions (and expect other TC members feel the same).
    Jeremy Stanley
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