[Openstack-operators] Request for [ideas][help wanted] with OpenStack tooling

Robin Cernin rcernin at redhat.com
Fri Dec 1 05:39:44 UTC 2017


This is my second time reaching out to this ML. We are all having same
ultimate goal guys. Fixing the problems as soon as possible.

Back then in June (SUBJ:OpenStack logs Health Validator) we had rough
version, now we are reaching 6 months and we have done 75 scripts
(currently) checking things not only in OpenStack deployment.


What I am looking for from you is if you would be please so kind and take a
look, create issues what you think would be the best to bring this tool to
a higher level.

75 scripts so far having output to JSON planning on adding Web front-end.
>From last OpenStack Australia Group Meetup here in Brisbane I got some
feedback on adding configuration options so one doesn't have to re-type all
the things and instead use config file.

We have all documentation you can imagine including templates:

How to Contribute:
Templates: https://github.com/zerodayz/citellus/tree/master/doc/templates
Writing Tests: https://github.com/zerodayz/citellus/blob/master/TESTING.md
Presentation in reveal-md:
How to Review code:

We are now mainly focused on RPM distribution but we could add multiple
distros, we are also discussing the possible way of integrating this with
Ansible and it's playbook so we could use them too.

if you are interested please create issue, code(see How to Contribute),
join discussion in github.

Thank you!
Robin Černín
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