[Openstack-operators] Last Opportunity: OpenStack Days East 2017

Haisam Ido haisam.ido at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 15:10:32 UTC 2017

Dear Potential Sponsors of OpenStack Days East 2017:

This is the *last* Opportunity to Engage and Educate at OpenStack Days East
<http://openstackdayseast.com/> as a Sponsor for 2017!

The all *volunteer* organizing committee has been working hard to create a
robust agenda for OpenStack Days East <http://openstackdayseast.com/>, an
event scheduled for Fall 2017 in Washington, DC.  But we *can’t* move
forward without Headline and Event sponsors to help secure the venue!  This
annual gathering of OpenStack enthusiasts, users and operators, is an ideal
opportunity to educate and engage the OpenStack community.

We invite you to review the sponsorship levels
send us a completed the sponsorship agreement form
indicating which level best suits your company! *But hurry, we have
fast-approaching deadlines (this week to receive funding) and a limited
sponsorship opportunities!*

Please feel free to contact Haisam Ido <haisam.ido at openstackdayseast.com>
at or Suzie Grieco <Suzie.Grieco at openstackdayseast.com> with any questions!

Best Regards,

OpenStack Days East Planning Committee

Haisam.Ido at openstackdayseast.com, Organizer

Hong.Kim at openstackdayseast.com, Organizer

Shilla.Saebi at openstackdayseast.com, Organizer

James.Genus at openstackdayseast.com, Organizer

Trevor.Lowing at openstackdayseast.com, Organizer

kirk.kalvar at kal.technology, Organizer

Suzie.Grieco at openstackdayseast.com, Organizer
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