[Openstack-operators] Need feedback for horizon nova-network drop

Akihiro Motoki amotoki at gmail.com
Sun Apr 16 08:46:15 UTC 2017

Hi all,

Horizon team is now thinking the drop of nova-network support in Pike.
I would like to ask operators' feedback on this.
Is it time to drop nova-network support?

This means neutron will be a requirement if you enable 'compute' dashboard.

The following describes the detail.

This is due to the deprecation of nova-network in Nova Newton and also
because python-novaclient 8.0.0
(in Pike) dropped nova-network support (security group and floating IP).
Note that Nova still support nova-network even in Pike or later as
long as you use Nova API up to 2.35.

Horizon depends on python-novaclient to talk with Nova API and
python-novaclient 8.0.0 or later version will be a part of Pike release.
This means horizon nova-network support of security group and floating
IP will be broken.

>From this reason horizon team is thinking to drop nova-network support.

- One other approach is to implement its own python binding for
nova-network in horizon,
  but we lack development resource to maintain it even though it is implemented.
- Another approach is to keep the current code and enable it only if
python-novaclient < 8.0.0
  is installed. It raises another problem that two versions of
novaclient needs to be installed
  and it is not able to do it if you use distribution package on a
single host for a controller.

Best Regards,

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