[Openstack-operators] Operator feedback on App Keys...

Edmund Rhudy (BLOOMBERG/ 120 PARK) erhudy at bloomberg.net
Thu Apr 6 19:42:34 UTC 2017

We have had internal discussions about app keys in Keystone and would be very happy to see it implemented (and to assist with the implementation where possible).

From: ronald.de.rose at intel.com 
Subject: Re:[Openstack-operators] Operator feedback on App Keys...


During the PTG, the keystone team had a lengthy discussion on a new security credential for applications/scripts/3rd party tools, to avoid having to put username/password in configuration files.  The following  is a spec that addresses this feature by implementing App Keys to be used for application authentication. 
I’m looking for feedback from operators and others on this idea to determine if there is a strong need/demand for this. 
Thanks in advance. 
Ron De Rose 
Keystone Core 
IRC: rderose 
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