[Openstack-operators] Moving from distro packages to containers (or virtualenvs...)

Mark Goddard mgoddard at cray.com
Wed May 18 11:10:38 UTC 2016

> Hi there all-ye-operators,

> I am investigating how to help move godaddy from rpms to a
> container-like solution (virtualenvs, lxc, or docker...) and a set of
> questions that comes up is the following (and I would think that some
> folks on this mailing list may have some useful insight into the answers):

> * Have you done the transition?

We are currently in the middle of the transition to a containerized deployment solution for Cray's OpenStack-based System Management platform.

> * How did the transition go?

So far, so good.

> * Was/is kolla used or looked into? or something custom?

We evaluated both openstack-ansible and Kolla. Each has its advantages but Kolla won over thanks to its simplicity, speed of deployment and use of immutable containers. We're also using Kolla's ansible deployment tool.

> * How long did it take to do the transition from a package based
> solution (with say puppet/chef being used to deploy these packages)?

For the first iteration we're still using a package-based solution. This is largely because we have considerable infrastructure built up around this. We're using OpenStack's Anvil tool, which I know you are familiar with, Josh :).

Kolla supports installing from both packages and source, so we have the option of moving to source in future if it fits.

>    * Follow-up being how big was the team to do this?

There are 4 of us working on this project. The work involved is considerably more than for an operator because we are building a platform based on OpenStack with multiple deployment environments. We estimated about 6 man-months.

> * What was the roll-out strategy to achieve the final container solution?

This will be difficult. As others have said, we expect to do this one service at a time, and will add considerable automation around it. Migrating stateful services such as the DB and nova-compute will need care.

> Any other feedback (and/or questions that I missed)?
> Thanks,

> Josh


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