[Openstack-operators] [scientific][accounting] Resource management

Tim Bell Tim.Bell at cern.ch
Mon May 2 17:02:45 UTC 2016

Following the discussions last week, I have put down a blog on how CERN does it’s resource management for the accounting team on the Scientific Working group. The areas we looked at were

  1.  Lustre-as-a-Service in Manila
  2.  Bare metal management
  3.  Accounting
  4.  User Stories and Reference Architectures

The details are at http://openstack-in-production.blogspot.fr/2016/04/resource-management-at-cern.html. I list 5 needs to support these use cases.

Need #1 : CPU performance based allocation and scheduling
Need #2 : Nested Quotas
Need #3 : Spot Market
Need #4 : Reducing quota below utilization
Need #5 : Components without quota

Given that the aim for the user stories input is that we consolidate a common set of requirements, I’d welcome feedback on the Needs to see if these are common across the scientific community and the relative priorities (mine are unsorted).


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