[Openstack-operators] Question on coding style on osops-tools-contrib repo

Mike Dorman mdorman at godaddy.com
Thu Dec 22 17:44:22 UTC 2016

There is no standard strategy for this particular repo.  Although I do agree with you that the neutron directory is probably not the place for this.

I would suggest creating a top level lib/ directory and placing it there.  There is already a multi/ directory, but that’s for scripts for non-specific services.  So I think it’s best to put library type things elsewhere.


On 12/21/16, 3:36 AM, "Saverio Proto" <zioproto at gmail.com> wrote:

    in the osops-tools-contrib repo so far I proposed always python
    scripts that are contained in a single file.
    Now I have this file:
    that I reuse in many scripts, look at this:
    but maybe is not the best idea to commit this generic file in the
    neutron folder.
    any advice how to handle this ? what is the accepted python import strategy ?
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