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Jean-Philippe Evrard Jean-Philippe.Evrard at rackspace.co.uk
Mon Dec 19 07:35:38 UTC 2016


This sounds like an interesting issue that we should fix as soon as possible.
May I ask you more details on the channel?

It’s still brainstorming, but I think that if you clear facts, destroy/upgrade one controller node, then make sure this controller node has a repo under 16.04, it should be the basis for the rest of the infrastructure, and ssl libs linking shouldn’t be an issue.
Could you make sure the other repo containers are stopped, this way your load balancer always returns the repo server on the new controller?
Then, we doing openstack services upgrade, could you continue the way you explained by destroying the container (let’s say for glance for example) and rebuilding? It should be taking the new repo server with the new venv, which should be fine (in theory).

When all of that is done, I think we could have lots of fun with the ssl libs issue :D

Best regards,

On 17/12/2016, 00:36, "Wade Holler" <wade.holler at gmail.com> wrote:

    Hi All,

    I am trying to upgrade a multinode cluster that has been very valuable
    in our environment.

    The idea was to start at trusty/mitaka and get to xenial/newton.

    Step1 mitaka -> newton on a trusty environment went fine.
    Step2 trusty to xenial is not going well and I could use some help.

    So far I rebuilt the 1st of 3 infra nodes with Xenial. Then re-ran
    setup-hosts, setup-infrastructure, setup-openstack.

    All playbooks ran fairly clean ( relative to the current issue ) -
    HOWEVER the services don't actually start on the Xenial / 16.04 based
    containers.  They just keep dying.

    Example error from a glance container here: http://pastebin.com/E6DvWdHy

    I jumped on IRC and "logan" was nice enough to help.  We deleted the
    glance container, cleared ansible_facts and rebuilt.  Same errors
    though.  "logan" mentioned that he thought since the repo-build  /
    requirement wheels were getting built on a trusty base / container
    that the wheels / venvs that make it to the 16.04 container are not

    So, can anyone advise on how to proceed ?

    Is there someway to not use the repo_server for the 16.04 hosts, then
    when all infra is at 16.04 re-enable the repo_server.  Just brain
    storming.  Any help would be very welcome.

    Best Regards,
    wade.holler at gmail.com
    irc: wadeholler

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