[Openstack-operators] Mitaka to Newton networking issues

Grant Morley grant at absolutedevops.io
Mon Dec 5 15:10:50 UTC 2016

Hi All,

We have just upgraded from Mitaka to Newton. We are running OSA and we 
seem to have come across some weird networking issues since the upgrade. 
Basically network access to instances is very intermittent and seems to 
randomly stop working.

We are running neutron in HA and it appears that both of the neutron 
nodes are now trying to be master and are both trying to bring up the 
gateway IP addresses which would be causing conflicts.

We are also seeing a lot of the following in the "neutron-dhcp-agent" 
log files:

2016-12-05 14:42:24.837 2020 WARNING stevedore.named 
1ac995c0729142289f7237222f335806 3cc95dbe91c84e3e8ebbb9893ee54d20 - - -] 
Could not load neutron.agent.linux.interface.BridgeInterfaceDriver
2016-12-05 14:42:42.803 2020 INFO neutron.agent.dhcp.agent 
1ac995c0729142289f7237222f335806 3cc95dbe91c84e3e8ebbb9893ee54d20 - - -] 
Trigger reload_allocations for port admin_state_up=True, 
allowed_address_pairs=[], binding:host_id=, binding:profile=, 
binding:vif_details=, binding:vif_type=unbound, 
binding:vnic_type=normal, created_at=2016-12-05T14:42:42Z, description=, 
device_owner=network:floatingip, extra_dhcp_opts=[], 
fixed_ips=[{u'subnet_id': u'4ca7db2d-544a-4a97-b5a4-3cbf2467a4b7', 
u'ip_address': u'XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX'}], 
id=b3cf223d-8e76-484a-a649-d8a7dd435124, mac_address=fa:16:3e:ff:0d:50, 
name=, network_id=af5db886-0178-4f8d-9189-f55f773b37fa, 
port_security_enabled=False, project_id=, revision_number=4, 
security_groups=[], status=N/A, tenant_id=, updated_at=2016-12-05T14:42:42Z

I am a bit concerned about neutron not being able to load the Bridge 
interface driver.

Has anyone else come across this at all or have any pointers? This was 
working fine in Mitaka it just seems since the upgrade to Newton, we 
have these issues.

I am able to provide more logs if they are needed.


Grant Morley
Cloud Lead
Absolute DevOps Ltd
Units H, J & K, Gateway 1000, Whittle Way, Stevenage, Herts, SG1 2FP
www.absolutedevops.io <http://www.absolutedevops.io/> 
grant at absolutedevops.io <mailto:grant at absolutedevops.i> 0845 874 0580
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