[Openstack-operators] cinder v2 and cinder-client

Abel Lopez alopgeek at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 04:29:28 UTC 2015

Have you tried using a newer python-cinderclient?

On Monday, February 23, 2015, Fischer, Matt <matthew.fischer at twcable.com>

>  I’m in the process of trying to cleanup all the deprecations we have
> after moving some services in Juno. One I have outstanding is this warning
> about cinder.
>  "The v1 api is deprecated and will be removed after the Juno release.
> You should set enable_v1_api=false and enable_v2_api=true in your
> cinder.conf file."
>  I played around with this some and I figured out a few things:
>  If you remove the v1 endpoint, cinder client breaks, cinder client
> breaks because it can’t find the volume service.
> If you leave the v1 endpoint, and disable the v1 API, cinder client breaks
> with "ERROR: ‘volumes’” and the URL its using ends up having /v2/v1 which
> is obviously wrong.
> If you remove the v1 endpoint, and disable the v1 API, cinder client
> breaks because it can’t find the volume service.
>  It is possible to pass in an API version to cinder client, but it can’t
> figure it out on it’s own apparently. I’ve not tried to see how Horizon
> reacts to this but a broken client is bad enough for me to question this
> change.
>  One option I have is to remove the V1 end point and rename the V2
> endpoint to volume (rather than “volumev2”). I think then the client will
> figure things out. This will break people who have the v1 API in their
> scripts (and I bet our Icinga stuff might).
>  Another option is to ignore this and assume the client will be fixed.
>  What does everyone else do here?
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