[Openstack-operators] ARM PoC systems?

Simon Leinen simon.leinen at switch.ch
Sat Feb 21 12:40:13 UTC 2015

Abel Lopez writes:
> Has anyone considered doing PoC stuff on those ARM microservers?
> I like the idea of some 2 RU system with a boat load of different
> systems inside it to really mimic a production environment to scale.

> Is this a silly idea?

No, this sounds feasible.  For example, the Utah CloudLab[1] provides
researchers very nice ARM64-based OpenStack (Juno) clusters on demand,
using a bare-metal provisioning system from the "Emulab" project and HP
m400 ("Moonshot") systems, I think.
[1] https://www.cloudlab.us/hardware.php

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