[Openstack-operators] [Ceilometer] Real world experience with Ceilometer deployments - Feedback requested

Joe Topjian joe at topjian.net
Thu Feb 12 16:54:12 UTC 2015

Hi Sandy,

That said, I'd love to hear about headaches and failures of the older
> StackTach release and how people are using it, or hope to use it.

We have two StackTach v2 environments, one of which has been running for
almost 3 years. For that particular environment, it can be a bear to do
queries, sometimes taking up to a few minutes. This is understandable with
how the information is stored in the db.

Another issue we've seen is that the workers sometimes fail to reconnect to
Rabbit after a WAN outage. The remedy for that is to restart the workers
from a cron.

But other than that, it runs great. Our environments are definitely not at
the same scale as, say, eBay or CERN, and so operating StackTach has been

We use StackTach only as a troubleshooting tool. If a user is having an
issue, we'll bring up their event history and review their timeline. I
think this alone makes it an invaluable tool.

I reviewed all of your StackTach v3 stuff the other week. At first glance,
there's definitely a lot more moving parts than with v2, but after reading
about each one, they all make sense. I'm looking forward to trying some of
it out.

I'd be happy to talk more in Philadelphia if you'd like. :)

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