[Openstack-operators] demo environment ( embedded device openstack ) ?

matt matt at nycresistor.com
Wed Feb 11 18:55:50 UTC 2015

for the record rebot is a terrible solution.  Any mcu's gpio should be able
to take over for the on / off switch and provide digital control of the
power on.  also you could add in power line relays very easily for hard

the trick is terminal services and vga bios output.  how do you reset bios
configs remotely?  how do you get serial console?

that's tricky.


On Wed, Feb 11, 2015 at 1:42 PM, Christian Berendt <christian at berendt.io>

> On 02/11/2015 05:29 PM, matt wrote:
> > 2)  no lights out management
> If you only have to turn on/off the NUCs have a look at reBot provided
> by cloudbase.
> http://www.cloudbase.it/rebot/
> Christian.
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