[Openstack-operators] [Telco][NFV][infra] Review process of TelcoWG use cases

Paul Belanger paul.belanger at polybeacon.com
Fri Feb 6 17:52:21 UTC 2015

On Fri, Feb 6, 2015 at 10:25 AM, George Shuklin
<george.shuklin at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 02/06/2015 04:12 PM, Steve Gordon wrote:
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>>> From: "George Shuklin" <george.shuklin at gmail.com>
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>>> Sorry guys. I think most of the ops here have no idea what you talking
>>> about. Telcos is telcos, ops is ops. Different worlds, different
>>> problems, different terminology.
>> Hi George,
>> The telco working group is intended to bridge the gap between
>> telcommunications operators and the openstack community, something we've
>> been working on in some form since Atlanta. Once you boil away the TLAs many
>> of their core requirements are not significantly different for what you
>> might consider "normal" operators, or at least operators in other verticals
>> like high performance computing.
>> We primarily communicated on the -dev list prior to Paris but the feedback
>> we got in the session there (on the operators track no less!) was that most
>> people involved were more comfortable communicating in the context of the
>> operators M/L than mixed in with the development traffic. If certain types
>> of operators are not welcome in the openstack operators community then I
>> think that would be a shame.
> I think it not really possible. If you talking about 'openstack' as
> 'Openstack developers', may be. But for operators all telco stuff is just
> completely foreign. I do not understand what they doing and I don't need
> them for my job. Sorry.
Interesting, I was actually talking for some friends about the
business of 'telco' and OpenStack recently.  Like some operators have
indicated, the world of 'telco' is foreign to them but since my
background come from the VoIP / telco environment I can see where you
are coming from.

I'm going to look at your proposal, and see if I can make some
comments.  But, I am personally interested in this topic, more as a

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