[Openstack-operators] [puppet] [swift] Deploying multiple Swift clusters within the same Puppet environment

Wijngaarden, Pieter van pieter.van.wijngaarden at philips.com
Tue Dec 29 09:50:56 UTC 2015


Hopefully this is the right place to ask for guidance! I'm deploying OpenStack/Swift in a development environment and intend to create/deploy multiple Swift clusters with different hardware configurations underneath and then do performance benchmarking. For example, I'm now building 2 clusters with each 1+3 nodes (1 proxy + 3 storage nodes), one cluster with NL-SAS disks and another with SAS disks. I also have a single-node 'cluster' up & running already. I'm setting up the configuration of all these clusters in Puppet.

I plan to do the ring creation as follows (please correct me if I'm saying weird or dumb things, I'm fairly new to Puppet):

In the Puppet declaration for each storage node, I think I should create the ring_account_device resources and export them, something like this:

hiera('swift_devices').each |String $device| {
@@ring_account_device { "$backbone_ip:6002/$device":
zone => hiera('swift_zone'),
weight => hiera('swift_device_weight'),

Then on the proxy node (once for each cluster), I include the swift::ringbuilder which collects these resources and creates the ring. At least for the single-node cluster this works.

However, if I would create multiple clusters, how does Puppet know which exported resources are intended for Cluster 1 (with NL-SAS disks) and which are for Cluster 2 (with SAS disks)? Is this at all possible using Puppet? I fear that if I deploy this, I will have 2 proxies which build a ring, each using all servers/drives on each storage node.

Also, I don't fully understand why (in modules/swift/ringbuilder.pp), I see the following:
Swift::Ringbuilder::Create['account'] -> Ring_account_device <| |> ~> Swift::Ringbuilder::Rebalance['account']

Here, it looks to me like the Ring is built with resource collector (Ring_account_device <| |>) , while the syntax to realize exported resources should use double angle brackets (<<| |>>)if I understand correctly? What am I missing/overlooking here? Should I run the ring builder on the storage nodes instead, and are things then synced in some other way? (That makes little sense to me...).

Can I make this work, and if so, how? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Happy holidays & kind regards,
Pieter van Wijngaarden

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