[Openstack-operators] multiple gateways for network

Akshay Kumar Sanghai akshaykumarsanghai at gmail.com
Fri Dec 18 14:00:01 UTC 2015

I have a network ,net1 with 2 VMs connected to it. One router R1 is
connected to the n/w which connects to ext-net. I have another router R2
that connects to a diff network net2 in the tenant. Can i create matching
rules for the network so that it forward the packet to R2 if destined to
that network and set R1 as the default gateway for all other traffic. Is
this possible? I do not want to add routes individually to each VM on net1
to forward traffic to net2. I also do not want to use a single router and
connect to net2 and ext-net.

I have a use-case of 3 tier network architecture and each network will be
connected to atleast 2 other networks. For a network ,adding static routes
to VMs is not a good way to go.

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