[Openstack-operators] neutron metadata-agent HA

Alvise Dorigo alvise.dorigo at pd.infn.it
Thu Dec 10 08:56:16 UTC 2015

I've installed Kilo release of OpenStack. An interesting thing, for us, 
is the new high available Neutron L3 agent, which - as far as I 
understand - can be set in active/active mode.
But I verified what is reported in the HA Guide 
metadata-agent cannot be configured in high availability active/active mode.

Below that sentence, I read:

"[TODO: Update this information. Can this service now be made HA in 
active/active mode or do we need to pull in the instructions to run this 
service in active/passive mode?]"

So my question is: is there any progress on this topic ? is there a way 
(something like a cronjob script) to make the metadata-agent redundant 
without involving the clustering software Pacemaker/Corosync ?



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