[Openstack-operators] OpenStack Weekly Community Newsletter (Nov. 28 - Dec. 4)

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Fri Dec 4 21:50:30 UTC 2015

Individual Member Director nominations are now open <http://awe.sm/tAsyi>
The deadline for Individual Member Director nominations is next Friday, December 11, 2015

How to manage medical and health data with OpenStack, a wearable sensor and smart apps <http://awe.sm/sAt4Y>
“Our hope is to inspire you to look into open source, to think of ways to solve the data problems that you might have already,” says Anne Gentle of Rackspace.

Why no data center should be full of islands <http://awe.sm/dN6Q3>
OpenStack connects developers with new tools while leveraging a common foundation, says Foundation COO Mark Collier.

Powering one billion page views and 170 million unique visitors per month with OpenStack <http://awe.sm/pAt28>
NTT Resonant operates goo, one of Japan’s leading web portals and Internet search engines

Community feedback

OpenStack is always interested in feedback and community contributions, if you would like to see a new section in the OpenStack Weekly Community Newsletter or have ideas on how to present content please get in touch: community at openstack.org <mailto:community at openstack.org>.

Reports from Previous Events 

OpenStack and OPNFV strengthen collaboration for telcos <http://awe.sm/dN6Q9>
CFP and Election Deadlines

2016 Board Election <http://awe.sm/qAsgO> deadline: December 11, 2015
Call for papers:
PyCon 2016 <http://awe.sm/eN4nK> deadline: Jan 3, 2016
USENIX Annual Technical Conference 2016 <http://awe.sm/eN4nL> deadline: February 1, 2016

OpenStack Developer Mailing List Digest November 28 to December 4 <http://awe.sm/dN6QF>
Tips ‘n Tricks 

By Nicole Martinelli: Connect the dots on OpenStack Neutron with this updated manual <http://awe.sm/fOivR>
By Nicole Martinelli: OpenStack Mitaka release: what’s next for OpenStackClient and Documentation <http://awe.sm/gOjhi>
By Dan Smith: Upgrades in Nova: Database Migrations <http://awe.sm/hOj6d>
By Julien Danjou: Benchmarking Gnocchi for fun and profit <http://awe.sm/rAsYq>
By Alexander Tivelkov: OpenStack Glance, Murano, Community App catalog: links in a chain <http://awe.sm/pAt2M>
By Superuser: OpenStack Mitaka release: what’s next for Nova, Kuryr <http://awe.sm/jOj99>
Upcoming Events 

Dec 07, 2015 OpenStack Baltics Meetup Riga, LV <http://awe.sm/rAsZ2>
Dec 07, 2015 OpenStack Open Compute Project Paris, IDF, FR <http://awe.sm/fOivg>
Dec 07, 2015 Meetup#19 OpenStack avec Open Compute Project Paris, FR <http://awe.sm/fOivh>
Dec 07 – 08, 2015 Verisign’s OpenStack Journey Herndon, VA, US <http://awe.sm/pAt2Y>
Dec 09, 2015 Recap of OpenStack Tokyo Summit Chesterfield, MO, US <http://awe.sm/gOji6>
Dec 10, 2015 MySQL the cloud way – Trove 105 51, GR <http://awe.sm/aN6gb>
Dec 10, 2015 Xmas BeerOps Mega Mixer @ King Street Brewhouse Darling Harbour, AU <http://awe.sm/fOivl>
Dec 11, 2015 Dec. topic coming soon Cambridge, MA, US <http://awe.sm/cN4o0>
Dec 11, 2015 OpenStack Meetup and BBQ extravaganza! Austin, TX, US <http://awe.sm/rAsZ4>
Other News

PLUMgrid Selected by CIOReview for 20 Most Promising OpenStack Solution Providers 2015 <http://awe.sm/eN4nV>
Talligent provides key insights in cloud capacity, utilization, and costs across OpenStack and VMware clouds <http://awe.sm/fOivc>

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