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The current team is still to small to manage APAC time zone. If someone volunteers to host those IRC meetings I will love to take your suggestion.
For the Friday evening conflict, I will suggest to move it to Thursday at 1600 UTC on #openstack-meeting channel.

Please, comment on these changes. We are expecting to have our first meeting this week which is the odd one.



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I think 16 UTC works well for most of the US, but doesn't include APAC and probably not ideal for EU because it bumps into Friday evening. How about alternating US/EU and APAC meetings every other week (similar to other documentation meetings) and move the US/EU meeting to another day?

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Thanks Lana!

Indeed contributors of OpenStack! Join us and provide your input.
Now, including the Ops ML.


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>If you are interested in attending the networking guide meetings, please have your say on the meeting times.
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>You may noticed that I added a patch to include an IRC meeting focus on the networking guide:
>I am proposing:
>Bi-weekly on Friday 1600 UTC
>Please, include your comments and also please confirm your commitment.
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