[Openstack-operators] [Performance] Where to place OpenStack performance documentation?

Dina Belova dbelova at mirantis.com
Tue Dec 1 11:42:57 UTC 2015

Hi TC members,

I'm writing to find out where to place information that Performance Team
would like to share with community. We would like to share (and grab the
feedback on) test plans (for OpenStack itself - we can use and develop
Rally, for underlying layers like DB, MQ something else.), results of those
testing, results of various investigations, etc... I think it'll be very
useful to have some web page or whatever where we'll be able to show all
the progress.

Although Performance Team is not (yet :)) official OpenStack team, so we
cannot simply use docs.openstack.org for this purpose for just team's
needs. I had a quick chat with Anne, she suggested to use Rally as an
umbrella for this potential docs repository, but only part of the
information will be related there to Rally in fact.

So please share your opinion on what can be done here :)

Thanks in advance,
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