[Openstack-operators] Using VMs as hypervisors for nova-docker

Mike Smith mismith at overstock.com
Mon Aug 31 21:20:59 UTC 2015

I’m still experimenting with containers with our Openstack Kilo installation.  Since I don’t necessarily need the feature set provided by Magnum, I was trying the (supposedly) simple nova-docker approach.  However, I don’t want to dedicate an entire server for containers and I want the ability to migrate containers between physical servers for management purposes.

It occurs to me that I should be able to configure a VM as a nova-docker hypervisor.  I should then get the advantages of being able to move that VM between physical nodes.  That way I also don’t have to dedicate an entire piece of hardware to nova-docker.

Have others out there tried this approach?  I’d love to hear if this is something people are doing.

Currently, I have software dependency issues trying to install and run RDO Kilo nova-compute on a CentOS 7 VM with Docker installed on it.  I plan to work through those issues, but if there is some reason that this just won’t work I’d love to spare myself some time.


Mike Smith
Principal Engineer / Cloud Team Lead

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