[Openstack-operators] OpenStack and HP 3PAR

Simon McCartney simon at mccartney.ie
Mon Aug 31 09:57:41 UTC 2015

We are building a private cloud at our campus here in Uganda. The computing nodes are connected to the HP 3PAR via FCs. How is the HP 3PAR configured with volumes per VM when the computing nodes see this storage as local to the the node itself? Asssuming I have 24TB of HP 3PAR, do I have to create different volumes on HP 3PAR for the two computing nodes so that they can use them for storage or one shared one can be created?

There are 2 ways you could use the 3PAR’s, directly using the Cinder 3PAR driver[1], where cinder will take care of creating volumes per instance & attaching to instances etc, or indirectly, let the compute nodes treat the 3PAT storage as local-storage managed by LVM & use the LVM cinder driver.  Using the 3PAR Cinder driver is usually preferred.

[1] http://docs.openstack.org/juno/config-reference/content/hp-3par-driver.html

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