[Openstack-operators] Juno and Kilo Interoperability

Eren Türkay erent at skyatlas.com
Thu Aug 27 07:39:21 UTC 2015

Hello Sam and David,

Thank your for the responses, I really appreciate them.

> With clients the only issue I’ve had is with the designate client not being
> backwards compatible between icehouse and juno. Ceilometer changed the way
> they signed messaged between Icehouse and Juno which was a pain so we had to
> set up parallel virtual hosts and collectors to push it into mongo.

We only have Juno and Kilo in the environment. I haven't seen a major change in
ceilometer in Kilo and I believe it should be fine since we don't have N, N-2
versions in the environment.

> All the APIs are pretty stable so it shouldn’t really matter what version of
> say keystone can work with what version of nova etc. We basically take it
> for granted now although of course test in your own env.

Yeah I think so. I will test it these days.

> With nova make sure you set upgrade_levels so your nova control can talk to
> you computes that are on version N-1 etc.

What I will have for second site is Kilo neutron/cinder/glance/nova. Juno
keystone and Juno clients (Horizon) will be shared. Since nova-api,
nova-compute, nova-scheduler will be Kilo in the second site, there should be
no problem. I believe Juno Horizon will make the requests to the Kilo
endpoints, which is backward-compatible, and Kilo site will do the rest.

So, in summary, we have the same version inside a site, but different versions
in the whole environment for now. (Site A is Juno, Site B is Kilo, and Juno
keystone/horizon is shared). I think it will just work. When upgrading the Juno
site, I will start with nova and will take your responses into account. That's
when I will have Juno+Kilo in one site.


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