[Openstack-operators] Move Persistent Ceph Volumes between Openstack Instances

Brendan Johnson bjohnson at paragusit.com
Fri Aug 7 17:48:41 UTC 2015

I am currently running a Juno based cloud and I am planning a migration to Kilo.   For a variety of reasons I am planning on setting up a parallel instance of Openstack using Kilo rather than directly upgrading the Juno instance.   Both instances will be sharing the same Ceph storage cluster for block storage.    I have some persistent Cinder volumes that I would like to migrate between instances and I was wondering what the best way to do this would be.   

The most straight forward way would be to create images from the volumes and then exports them from the Juno Glance and import them into the Kilo Glance and then create a volume based on the image.   The problem with this is that I am downloading the images and then uploading the images to the exact same Ceph storage pool just so the new Kilo instance of Openstack can create the appropriate database records.    It seems rather inefficient.

Since I just need to make Glance and/or Cinder aware of the existing images in the Ceph storage cluster I was looking into trying to export records from the Juno MariaDB database relating to the images or volumes from either Cinder or Glance and then importing them into the Kilo MariaDB database.   

Does anyone have experience with doing this sort of selective export and import of database records between different Openstack instances?    

Is anyone aware of a better option beside the two I described above?



Brendan Johnson
Director of Engineering and Product Research
Paragus Strategic IT
bjohnson at paragusit.com


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