[Openstack-operators] Neutron IPv6 manual for single-stackinginJuno

Sean M. Collins sean at coreitpro.com
Wed Aug 5 13:18:50 UTC 2015

On Wed, Aug 05, 2015 at 03:26:24AM EDT, Mike Spreitzer wrote:
> "Sean M. Collins" <sean at coreitpro.com> wrote on 08/04/2015 10:38:26 PM:
> > We have adapted the contents of that wiki page into the networking 
> > guide, however I have not seen any work in the Juno release for IPv6
> > only networking. 
> > 
> > Brian Haley and I had a talk submission for Tokyo about work that 
> > has been done during the Liberty cycle to achieve that. I will bug 
> > Brian to submit a patch to the Networking Guide.
> > -- 
> > Sent from my Android device with K-9 Mail. Please excuse my brevity.
> I thank you for your answer and excuse your brevity, but have to ask a 
> follow-up question.  You wrote "I have not seen any work in the Juno 
> release for IPv6 only networking" --- did you mean documentation work or 
> implementation work?  I thought there was some support for IPv6 in Juno, 
> enough to enable basic scenarios.  I know that dual-stacked routers are 
> not supported in Juno.  But can I create a Compute Instance in Juno 
> attached to an IPv6-only tenant network that, in turn, is connected to a 
> router that is attached only to IPv6 networks and a v6-only external 
> network?

Sorry for the brevity - what I mean to say is that I don't believe
anyone has reported back on that scenario and if it is successful or
not. I think Brian and his team has had success, however it is with
newer code than Juno? Brian?

> BTW, have you gotten a fix for the stagefright vulnerability in your 
> Android device?  I am really disappointed in my carrier and manufacturer, 
> no sign of any update from them yet.

Haven't even heard of it. Uh oh.

Sean M. Collins

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