[Openstack-operators] Windows Instances and Volumes

Joe Topjian joe at topjian.net
Tue Apr 28 17:40:29 UTC 2015


I'm wondering if anyone has best practices for Windows-based instances that
make heavy use of volumes?

I have a user who was running SQL Server off of an iSCSI-based volume. We
did a live-migration of the instance and that seemed to have caused Windows
to drop the drive. Disk Manager showed it as a new drive that needed to be
formatted. Everything was fine upon an explicit detach and reattach through

Even though the volume backend is iSCSI, the instance, of course, doesn't
see it that way. I'm wondering if things would have been different if
Windows actually saw it as an iSCSI-based drive.

Also, I would have thought that running something such as SQL Server off a
volume would be highly discouraged, but looking into SQL Server on EC2 and
EBS shows the opposite. Amazon's official documentation only mentions "EBS"
and not whether that means EBS-based instances or independent EBS volumes.
Some forum posts make mention of the latter working out. Though I do
realize that EC2 is not a fair comparison.

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