[Openstack-operators] [neutron] multiple external networks on the same host NIC

gustavo panizzo (gfa) gfa at zumbi.com.ar
Mon Apr 27 15:23:13 UTC 2015

On 2015-04-27 22:59, Mike Spreitzer wrote:
> Uwe Sauter <uwe.sauter.de at gmail.com> wrote on 04/27/2015 10:54:15 AM:
>> What I suggested later on is that you probably don't need any second
>> level bridge at all. Just create a second/third external
>> network with appropriate CIDR. As long as those networks are
>> externally connected to your interface (and thus the bridge) you
>> should be good to go.
> To be precise, are you suggesting that I have just one br-ex, connected
> to the host NIC as usual, and in my bridge_mappings configuration
> statement, map all the external network names to br-ex?

you can only have one flat network per bridge.

i don't know what's your usercase but one i had the need to map 2
different public ip address to each vm vnic, i was going to do the
double bridge thing but i resolved it using allowed pairs extension. it
may work for you

1AE0 322E B8F7 4717 BDEA BF1D 44BB 1BA7 9F6C 6333

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