[Openstack-operators] Sharing resources across OpenStack instances

Gilles Mocellin gilles.mocellin at nuagelibre.org
Wed Apr 22 16:29:05 UTC 2015

Le 22/04/2015 15:32, Adam Young a écrit :
> Its been my understanding that many people are deploying small 
> OpenStack instances as a way to share the Hardware owned by their 
> particular team, group, or department.  The Keystone instance 
> represents ownership, and the identity of the users comes from a 
> corporate LDAP server.
> Is there much demand for the following scenarios?
> 1.  A project team crosses organizational boundaries and has to work 
> with VMs in two separate OpenStack instances.  They need to set up a 
> network that requires talking to two neutron instances.
> 2.  One group manages a powerful storage array.  Several OpenStack 
> instances need to be able to mount volumes from this array. Sometimes, 
> those volumes have to be transferred from VMs running in one instance 
> to another.
> 3.  A group is producing nightly builds.  Part of this is an image 
> building system that posts to glance.  Ideally, multiple OpenStack 
> instances would be able to pull their images from the same glance.
> 4. Hadoop ( or some other orchestrated task) requires more resources 
> than are in any single OpenStack instance, and needs to allocate 
> resources across two or more instances for a single job.
> I suspect that these kinds of architectures are becoming more common.  
> Can some of the operators validate these assumptions? Are there other, 
> more common cases where Operations need to span multiple clouds which 
> would require integration of one Nova server with multiple Cinder, 
> Glance, or Neutron  servers managed in other OpenStack instances?

I'm always a bit disappointed when someone asks me about hybridation 
with OpenStack.
OpenStack is not a Cloud Management Platform, that can manage severeal 
Clouds, private and public... Like RedHat Cloudforms / ManageIQ.

At least, being able to manage two OpenStack instances, one private and 
one from a public Cloud with OpenStack API will be great.

I found a project by Huawei to cascade Openstack instances : 
I really would like to see that becoming reality.

Perhaps It can be a solution to your scenarii ?

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