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If you don't see etcd process it probably means that you did not initialize
an etc cluster.
You need to have ETCD properly configured before you install Kubernetes as
Kubernetes uses ETCd to distribute its configuration.

There are two ways to setup ETCd cluster. The first one requires to use
some hub which will be a coordination point between ETCd nodes. The second
one is manual way when you add each ETCd member one by one providing
initialization configuration string as an option on each member. Each time
you add an ETCd member this init string will be changed.

Here are bash scripts which are used in Kubernetes cluster automation in

the sequence or ETCd is the following:
on ETCd master (first VM): master-etcd-setup.sh <cluster_name> <IP addr of
--==Adding an ETCd memeber ==-
1) On master: master-add-member.sh <cluster_name> <ip addr of a member>
2) take the init string generated after script execution
3) On new member: member-etcd-setup.sh <cluster_name> <ip addr of the
member> <initial config from the previous step>

Just take a look on the scripts and you will figure out how to setup a


On Mon, Apr 13, 2015 at 5:06 AM, <aishwarya.adyanthaya at accenture.com> wrote:

>  Hi,
> I'm trying to integrate Kubernetes with Openstack and I have been
> following the site 'devops.profitbricks.com' for it. The master node is
> running services such as kube-apiserver, kube-scheduler,
> kube-controller-manager but the etcd service seem to be missing even after
> the configuration was done. The services on minions aren't in running state
> after the configuration are done. I tried manually starting it with the
> service start command and checked for its status but it seems to be in
> stop/waiting state.
> Could anyone point out what I have to do? Thanks in advance!
> Aishwarya Adyanthaya
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