[Openstack-operators] database hoarding

Britt Houser (bhouser) bhouser at cisco.com
Fri Oct 31 12:32:34 UTC 2014

That would imply some extensible plugin type architecture, b/c "all
projects" changes over time and from setup to setup.  So each project
would define its own cleanup routines, but those routines could be called
using a common set of parameters from a single tool.


On 10/31/14, 8:19 AM, "Maish Saidel-Keesing"
<maishsk+openstack at maishsk.com> wrote:

>On 31/10/2014 11:01, Daniele Venzano wrote:
>> On 10/30/14 23:30, Abel Lopez wrote:
>>> As an operator, I'd prefer to have time based criteria over number of
>>> rows, too.
>>> I envision something like `nova-manage db purge [days]` where we can
>>> leave it up to the administrator to decide how much of their old data
>>> (if any) they'd be OK losing.
>> I would certainly use this feature, but please, please, please: make
>> it work across all OpenStack databases, not just for Nova, but also
>> for Cinder, Neutron, etc.
>A Huge +1 for across all projects!!
>> Let's try to get something integrated project-wide instead of having a
>> number of poorly documented, slightly inconsistent commands.
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