[Openstack-operators] Issue with port limit

Tzach Shefi tshefi at redhat.com
Tue Oct 21 07:58:01 UTC 2014

Hi Leandro, 

You didn't mention which openstack version or networking (Nova or Neutron) used.  

We had a similar issue with Havana(later upgraded to Icehouse) Neutron networking, issue keeps coming up every now and then. 
You might have phantom ports consuming your port quota, could explain "Maximum Number Of Ports Exceeded" 

Run these two commands and compare both output tables, you might find some interesting stuff. 
# neutron floatingip-list
# neutron port-list

I'm not a networking export but we used these to find phantom ports which caused the same issue. 
Floating IPs should have ports set, if you see ones that don't have ports or unexplained ports, try to delete them. 
If you can't delete any of these ports, maybe try to delete floating ip then the ports.

Hope it helps \ sends you in the right direction. 

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Hi Guys!!! I have one issue, I'm getting "Maximum Number Of Ports
Exceeded" when trying to deploy some VMs, I have already updated the
ports quota but message is still there and make my deployment to fail.
Any ideas of what I'm missing?


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