[Openstack-operators] Request for feedback on DHCP IP usage

gustavo panizzo (gfa) gfa at zumbi.com.ar
Mon Oct 6 08:55:20 UTC 2014

On 10/06/2014 04:09 AM, Mike Kolesnik wrote:

> Now, I know the 1st solution seems very appealing but thinking of it further
> reveals very serious limitations: 
> * No HA for DHCP agents is possible (more prone to certain race conditions). 
eventually they will be just bugs, bugs can be fixed

> * DHCP IP can't be reached from outside the cloud. 
that's a feature :)

> * You will just see a single port per subnet in Neutron, without granularity of
> the host binding (but perhaps it's not that bad). 

may be an issue for monitoring, i will have more ports deployed that
registered in my db.
i don't know if is *really* an issue, still does not sounds good

> * This solution will be tied initially only to OVS mechanism driver, each other
> driver or 3rd party plugin will have to support it individually in some way. 
> So basically my question is - which solution would you prefer as a cloud op? 
option 2 is a no go for me, i can't waste that many ip

> Is it that bad to consume more than 1 IP, given that we're talking about private
> isolated networks? 

not always, all the vm we deploy in the prod environment have public ip,
they speak freely to the internet. no nat, no lbaas.

none of the limitations you mention for the first solution sounds
problematic to me (if individual dhcp servers can be managed individually)

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