[Openstack-operators] Looking for usability study participants

Kruithof, Piet pieter.c.kruithof-jr at hp.com
Sun Nov 30 19:20:54 UTC 2014


We are planning to run a usability study on the proposed Launch Instance workflow by the end of December.  The intent of the study is to identify any areas of the UI that need to be improved before moving into development.

We are looking for twelve end users who create instances for their various development efforts to act as participants in this study.  It's important that roughly half of the participants have no previous experience with Horizon to avoid bias. For example, end users who are currently using AWS are interesting to us.

We'd also like to avoid having too many folks that are in both operator and end user roles.

Any help finding these people would be hugely appreciated! As you may know, one of the largest barriers to conducting these kind of research efforts is finding willing participants.

The study will likely be conducted using a remote usability tool like usertesting.com and take no more than thirty minutes to complete.  Also, I want to stress that the results will be shared with the community.


Piet Kruithof

Sr User Experience Architect
HP Helion

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