[Openstack-operators] Need help to create external network

Geo Varghese gvarghese at aqorn.com
Mon Nov 24 20:17:04 UTC 2014

Hi Team,

I  need bit help to to create an external network and add it to router as

Like =>

I am referring this command to create subnet for external network

neutron subnet-create ext-net --name ext-subnet
--allocation-pool start=,end=
--disable-dhcp --gateway

But my current network is bit complex

1) My machine local machine Ip => (Its in our internal network
of our company with gateway

2) I installed kvm on my local machine and controller node with IP => with gateway

3) Openstack instance network is in to with

Anyone please tell me, which IP addresses I have to give while creating
above subnet for my external network.

Geo Varghese
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