[Openstack-operators] Feedback re: multi-vendor OpenStack distributions & Ceilometer data in one view & control screen

Stacey King sking at real-status.com
Fri Nov 21 08:58:19 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

I am making an inquiry to understand if you think it is of value to
cohesively visualize, monitor and control resources at full scale from
different OpenStack vendor distributions, both in the cloud, on-premise, or
a hybrid, with a tool such as Hyperglance from Real Status
www.real-status.com .   FYI - Hyperglance can now layer Ceilometer data
into view ( http://www.real-status.com/integrations/openstack/ ) plus  has
RBAC and can quickly integrate SDN resources.   Or, do you think OpenStack
dashboard covers things well enough across all hybrid cloud resources?

Thanks for your thoughts on this topic.

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