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Kris G. Lindgren klindgren at godaddy.com
Wed Nov 19 21:25:49 UTC 2014


PBR when working off of a branch uses the git hash of the commit for the
version of the package.  So you will get a version name like
openstack-nova-2014.1.2-{githash}, which is used by other tools to set the
name of the package (such as anvil).  So when you build a new package and
the githash changes the hash maybe lower than the previous hash.  This
means that the newly built package will have a version number lower than
the previous package.  Any package management tool will ignore the new
package because it is an earlier version of the package compared to whats
already installed.  Thus you get upgrade hell.  Now, PBR supports tags -
but it only supports annotated tags.  So if you happen to create your tag
via: git tag and you forget the "-a", once again you have upgrade hell
because its going to default using the githash.

The behavior that I would change is to allow you to override the the
setting of the version to the git hash.  How?  I don¹t really care - I
could even work with a text file for the override.
Kris Lindgren
Senior Linux Systems Engineer
GoDaddy, LLC.

On 11/19/14, 2:03 PM, "Jeremy Stanley" <fungi at yuggoth.org> wrote:

>On 2014-11-19 20:38:58 +0000 (+0000), Kris G. Lindgren wrote:
>> PBR really sucks at generating package names that can be easily
>> upgraded when working of a git branch.
>Can you elaborate (or open a bug) on which behaviors you would alter
>and how? PBR is trying to streamline workflow for packagers on a
>variety of platforms, so any feedback like this is helpful to drive
>future improvements on that front.
>Jeremy Stanley
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