[Openstack-operators] Proposal for an 'Operations' project

Kris G. Lindgren klindgren at godaddy.com
Mon Nov 10 20:21:41 UTC 2014


Examples of existing repositories which I suspect won't be copied to
osops repository:

* https://github.com/krislindgren/openstack-logstash/tree/master

Actually, that one has been in the osops repo for a few months. Mike Dorman put it there.

But, to be fair, I am also worried about fire and forget contributions.

But I think most of us are solving the same problems and collectively burning time addressing the same issues.  I would like to see some collaboration between operators on how builds/maintains/upgrades/monitors their environments.  I know the tool chains wont match up, however most of us are smart enough to take what other people have done and either reverse engineer it or use it as a starting point to make something similar work in our environment.  Then hopefully contribute those changes back to the community.  Be that a shell script to do some sort of cleanup, a configuration for stats.d/graphite that gives insight into whats going on in openstack, or a ansible playbook to help automate certain routine tasks.

Either way as a formal project or just an mailing list and repo to contribute stuff to, I welcome any increase in sharing of code/tools sets/scripts/configs between operators so that we all can at least have a starting point to try and solve the problems that we face as cloud operators.  I personally am rooting for an operator openstack project.

Kris Lindgren
Senior Linux Systems Engineer
GoDaddy, LLC.

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