[Openstack-operators] Proposal for an 'Operations' project

Joe Topjian joe at topjian.net
Mon Nov 10 20:07:03 UTC 2014

> I fear that people contributing scripts to osops/* will forget about them
> and scripts will go stalled over time.

That's a fair assessment and that's probably what will happen to a lot of
the items added to those repositories. But really any open source project
is susceptible to that.

Both on this list and in meetings, people requested some kind of way to
share common operator knowledge. The osops repositories were created as an
answer to those requests. I don't see the osops repositories as anything
but the first step in trying to create a low-barrier way for operators to
contribute common knowledge. I'm not treating the repositories as an
official OpenStack resource for operators -- more like a wiki-ish git repo
to help foster collaboration.

> A page referring to existing and maintained public repositories would be a
> better way to share those resources IMO.

That's entirely possible and Rackspace has already done that:


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